Websites & Intranets

Windows into your world.

You can see a website from anywhere. A website is a crucial opportunity to connect with your customers. Although the people who view it may never meet you, have a conversation with you or shake your hand, they can get to know you and what you do — wherever they may be.

In the Xome intranet
A Jive-based, fully social intranet for the Xome family of companies with customizable news feeds, video, gamification and portals for company subsidiaries.


JCPWeb intranet
An HTML5 intranet supporting all the divisions and Associates of JCPenney, with a jQuery news carrousel and dynamic news archive providing company news. When JCPenney moved away from using SharePoint for its intranet, this site was developed and populated with existing content in less that three weeks to support the changeover.


Dagmar Koller
The iconic Austrian actress, singer, dancer, and entertainer. A true legend.


Carrington Charitable Foundation
Carrington Charitable Foundation (CCF) supports nonprofit organizations and communities across the United States through causes that reflect the interests of Carrington leaders and employees. Provided content.


Willow Creek Florist
Willow Creek Florist is a Dallas-area florist.


Mary Haverfield
Mary Haverfield is a well-known illustrator of books for children.

Siegfried Koller
Siegfried Koller was an Austrian artist, architect and mathematician. This website in German and English presents a small retrospective of his vast works.